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How to Call a Person That Has Blocked Your Number

Calling someone with the purpose of annoying them could get you in trouble. However, some people prefer to block such contact numbers or block restricted calls to get rid of the spam calls issue. There are some other cases when you have been blocked by someone mistakenly. In such a situation, you always want to contact them back and make yourself clear to the other party.

Considering the situation discussed above, you must be thinking how can I call someone who has blocked my number? In this article, we have brought solutions to you if you are facing such problems. The problem arises when someone uses those solutions for no good reason. In such cases, they usually find themselves in trouble, like, being reported to cybercrime.

In the next parts of the article, viewers will get to know more about the procedure of calling someone who has blocked them.

  1. Calling from Your Own Phone
  2. Calling from a Different Phone
  3. How To Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number on iPhone?
  4. How To Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number on Android?

Calling from Your Own Phone

Calling from your own phone is one of the solutions to contact someone who has blocked your number. It might be a wrong solution if we don't attempt more techniques to make the other party pick up our phone call. Some other techniques include which will help you to know how to call blocked number:

  • Dial *67

    By dialing this code, you will be able to hide your phone number. In other words, it will block your number and appear as a "Private" or "Unknown" number. To use this technique, dial this code before your number, as *67-XXX-XXX-XXXX. This technique could be useful for home phones or cell phones, not for businesses.

  • Contact through Landline

    Contacting through landline counts as a good technique. The landline never allows anyone to block them. That's why you can make a call with your landline number.

  • Use an App to Produce a Random Phone Number

    It seems to be a reliable technique. All you need to do is, install a random app that can help you generate a random cell phone number. It will also generate a random area code to avoid any kind of suspicious activity. You can then make a call or text a number that has blocked you.

  • Hide your Caller ID

    It will allow you to hide your appearance, number, and make your Caller ID appear as "Hidden." Hiding your Caller ID will help you bypass the blocked list of the blocker and contact him at any time anonymously.

  • Change your Cell Phone Number

    For applying this technique, you need to contact the service provider to request a change of your cell phone number. It may cost you a nominal fee. For using this technique, you might need to change your phone number in the future.

Calling from a Different Phone

Trying to call from a different phone is a normal method implied by many spam callers or telemarketers. In order to call a blocked number, you need some techniques or methods. Some ways are mentioned below which will surely help you to answer your question about how can I call someone who has blocked my number:

  • Make a call from a Friend's Phone - If you are in a situation in which you don’t know how to call someone that blocked you. You can simply borrow your friend’s phone with his permission and can then place a call at that number. You need to be careful while using someone else's phone and don’t bring trouble at their door.

  • Try Calling through a Proxy - Considering a mutual friend of you and blocker is a good idea for conveying your message. The proxy should make himself clear at the beginning of the call. It should be like, "Hey A, I am B, calling on behalf of C," and then convey the message.

  • Contact through a Public Phone - It is the most reliable technique because it is quite easy to use a public phone. It could be a phone in the workplace, restaurant, school, hotel, or street phones. You can then talk to the blocker till the time he hangs up your call.

How To Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number on iPhone?

Different phones require different procedures to do a task. However, here we need to do a single thing, that is calling a blocked number. For this purpose, there is a blocking feature in smartphones. Whereas, in iPhones, you can easily bypass this blocking feature. You just need to hide your Caller ID. There are some steps give below that can help you to hide your Caller ID:

  1. Step 1: Access the “Settings” app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on “Phone” settings.
  2. Step 2: On your phone screen, there is an option of “Show My Caller ID” just beside the “Calls” tab.
  3. Step 3: Now, you just need to turn "Off" the "Show My Caller ID" option to hide your caller ID successfully.

Finishing all the steps above will hide your Caller ID. You can then call on the number that has blocked you. Now it depends on the blocker whether he picks up the call out of curiosity or ignores it, considering a call from an unknown number.

How To Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number on Android?

In an Android phone, the settings for hiding your Caller ID have quite different steps. This Caller ID feature will help you to disguise your Caller ID and your phone number from the person you are trying to make a call. For hiding caller ID in Android phones, you need to follow some steps. These steps are listed below:

  1. Step 1 - First of all, open "Phone" and click on the "More" option. Now tap on "Settings," which appears in the drop-down menu bar.
  2. Step 2 - Now, you are required to tap on the "More Settings" button and go to the "Show My Caller ID" option.
  3. Step 3 - A pop-up will appear on the screen; you need to choose the "Hide Number" choice from other options and click on the "Cancel" button.


Calling back on a number is now not a big thing to consider as trouble as smartphones now have remarkable blocking features. We have briefly discussed all possible solutions for a query, like how to call from a blocked number?

Moreover, it is better to first check the details of a number before making a call on that number. You can now do this by using a tool named, Numlooker. It provides you with the contact info like the name, address, and phone number of the contact owner. This way, you will better know whom you are going to call.