10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Have you ever found an unknown contact number and are unaware of its contact details? It seems normal to everyone. Consider such a situation in your mind. This will lead you to instantly call on that number to find out whether you know the contact owner or not. To reduce your curiosity about that contact owner, you could simply use a phone number lookup site.

Phone number lookup sites are a suitable solution for such trouble. A reverse cell phone lookup could help you to get access to the name and address of the contact owner.

We will introduce you to some phone number lookup sites to find the details of the unknown caller:

  1. NumLooker
  2. PeopleFinderFree
  3. CocoFinder
  4. FindPeopleFast
  5. Instant Checkmate
  6. Intelius
  7. TruthFinder
  8. Search Quarry
  9. ZabaSearch
  10. AnyWho

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

A reverse phone lookup works according to the website database, which provides the respective information about a phone number. Information demand other than the owner's name and address will not be acceptable for these sites due to the privacy issue of other data.

You can lookup for a number either on reverse phone lookup sites or directly from Google search. For reverse phone lookup sites, you can track someome's phone by number and get the detailed report. In the case of direct search from Google, it might not be useful as Google doesn't contain data of every contact number. That's why it is better to rely on reverse phone lookup sites.


NumLooker is a number lookup website. To do a suspicious phone number lookup, NumLooker seems to be the best choice. Using this website, you can get useful information about an unknown number. This information includes the owner's details, family members, location, contact information, social media, and personal details.

Additionally, it is a simple but beneficial website to get rid of many of your problems. You can identify telemarketers and spam calls, ensure the safety of your surrounding people, avoid phone phishing, and most importantly, find out who tried to call you.

This phone number lookup website provides you with a 100% confidential search. Moreover, Numlooker is a time-saving and easy-to-use website. It also provides you with special filtering options and notifies you with new updates on any kind of information on your reports.


PeopleFinderFree is another great tool to find someone's name by phone number. You can easily locate anyone and get to know everyone. All you need to do is, enter the correct contact number in the field and wait for its scanning. The search time could be long but useful to find the phone number's identity, current address, and other details.

A search engine like PeopleFinderFree could also help you to avoid scams by checking the seller's reputation online and help you to avoid falling into their traps. This number lookup website cares for the searches you run on their website. Concluding this, you can find a US-based contact number on PeopleFinderFree without emptying your wallet.


CocoFinder is a well-known, reliable, and genuine service to use. It provides you with a vast amount of knowledge on every search. One of the search methods of this website is by contact number. Its reverse phone number lookup services could let you know all possible information of an unknown number. 

Apart from the fact that CocoFinder is a genuine and reliable service, some other factors also play an important role in its reliable functionality. These factors are its minor or major records, huge databases, a user-friendly interface, anonymous searches, and no marketing gimmicks.

Moreover, its important feature of reverse phone lookup allows you to quickly obtain information about a person's identity, social media profiles, acquaintances, and address. All this can happen by just searching for the correct phone number on the CocoFinder website.


FindPeopleFast is a phone lookup website that can help you get the real identity of the miscallers so that you can decide whether you know the detected person or not. FindPeopleFast is an incredible website for such use. You can use the public database provided by this website. It doesn't restrict you from making an account but allows you to use the massive database as you please.

FindPeopleFast has a variety of reasons that makes it a good choice among other reverse phone lookup sites. These reasons include its accurate information, incognito searches, massive database, and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, this website guarantees the protection and privacy of all searches made by you. As a result of these factors, you will get pure knowledge.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a search engine that can uncover each and every detail of a person through his phone number. A phone number searched by this website might contain information like social media data, photos, and other online activities of the unknown person.

It is a reverse phone lookup website that allows you as many searches as you want. They assure you of the confidentiality of the searches you are running. Moreover, they offer much more than just a reverse phone lookup service.


A telephone lookup clarifies to you about the call from an unknown number, whether the call is from some known person or it's just a spam call. If you really want to call back on that number, it is good that you know the owner of the number.

Intelius is one of the reverse phone number lookup sites that makes you find background details, property records, or other people searches. It provides you with quick results on every search and secures your searches from end to end.


A few digits alone could help you uncover useful information about a person. You can trust TruthFinder for this purpose. Once the search with the phone number ends, they provide you with the complete report on that particular owner of the number.

The reverse phone lookup feature of Truthfinder can be used in such a way that you could identify a scam caller and verify the identity of online sellers. With the services provided by Truthfinder, many lost family members in America possibly find each other.

Search Quarry is a website that allows you to search a number and then provide you with detailed results on that number. The details include complete owner's information. All of this will be done in a minute or less on any kind of device.

The main goal of this website is to provide people with resources using public records. Moreover, most of the search sections of Search Quarry can be used unlimited times, out of which reverse phone number lookup is one of them.


ZabaSearch has a massive database of public information to access any kind of US phone number details. It also provides you with instant search results without any process of registration. They also claim that they have residential listings three times more than the phone directory of White Pages.

Well, searching with a phone number is quite easy and faster than searching with a name. But ZabaSearch makes it quite easy. For a number search, you just need to enter the number in the required field and find out who is bothering you.


Using AnyWho, you can find places, people, and businesses easily. It allows people to search and get to know the details about a particular number. If you ever want to call back someone you don't know, just use AnyWho and find out the specific person's details before calling.

AnyWho refers to different locations for different kinds of searches. Like a reverse phone lookup for a business contact number, they redirect you to another location. Unlike others, this website could find information about cities, states, countries, and time zones by searching the area code.


By concluding this article, we have seen all the possible aspects of reverse cell phone lookup sites and how they provide you with useful pieces of information. This way, you're no longer bothered by the question, "Whose phone number is this?"

All the websites discussed above contain information about how you could use them when you are in need. You can do this by choosing a suitable reverse phone lookup site for yourself. Furthermore, you can explore more reverse cell phone lookup websites by making a simple search on Google.

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