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How to Track Someone's Phone by Their Number

There are several different reasons why you will consider knowing how to track a cell phone. Many fake marketing companies ask you for personal details like your name, social media handles, or email address. If you provide them without any investigation, you might have to face many hurdles.

Another reason can be a regular unknown caller that keeps on contacting you with several numbers. If you want to get easy and pull yourself out of this scenario, learn to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. This article explains different methods about how to track a phone without them knowing.

In the article, we are going to acknowledge the following valuable parts:

  1. Step-by-Step Guide to Track Someone's Phone by Their Number
  2. Why is NumLooker the Best Site to Track Someone's Phone by Their Number?
  3. Use Spy App to Track a Cell Phone
  4. Google Maps and Apple Maps

Step-by-Step Guide to Track Someone's Phone by Their Number

NumLooker is a reverse phone number lookup service that requires the user to give a correct phone number and returns its information. You can get to know who exactly is behind a phone call. The service finds plenty of information about the target person, including his complete name, alternative phone numbers, email address, phone type and carrier, age, and background history.

The application also covers a background report that includes educational data of the target, his employment history, business details, and registered court cases. The extensive database of NumLooker delivers accurate and credible old information.

Following steps should be followed to track someone’s phone through their phone number with NumLooker:

Step 1: Type the Phone Number
Open the official website of NumLooker and access the reverse phone lookup feature. Now, enter the complete and accurate phone number of your directed person, click on the "Search Now" button, and wait for results.
Step 2: Choose the Relevant Profile
You will get a look at all the profiles that match your given data. Filter down the unnecessary profiles and select your significant profile. Tap on the "Access Report" button for tracking the target's phone.
Step 3: Download and Check the Report
The last step is to submit your accurate email address and clear payment. After this, you will be given access to your target’s report. Click on the “View My Report” button and gain all the tracking information.

Why is NumLooker the Best Site to Track Someone's Phone by Their Number?

NumLooker provides efficient features along with various beneficial characteristics. Following are the best characteristics of NumLooker that make it the finest site to track someone’s phone.

Confidentiality and Unlimited Searches
All of the reverse phone lookups and their extensive reports are 100% confidential, and any person you search on NumLooker will not be notified about it. Moreover, NumLooker provides unlimited searches of people by phone numbers. You can also gain access to multiple background reports, including their education and employment history.
Extensive Reports and Deep Web Search
NumLooker extensively gathers reports through online search engines, social media networks, and the dark web to explore all the surrounding information of your unknown caller. In short, if the information is available somewhere on the internet, NumLooker will get it. NumLooker searches through public data to also access the information that is not available on standard search engines.
Advanced Algorithms and Fast Services
NumLooker is praised for using a large database of data-finding technology for finding the person associated with a certain phone number. It also has high-end and quality servers that work fast to give results with accuracy. The application can even find the location of the person and his criminal records with one search.
Nationwide Background History Search
NumLooker finds nationwide records of people, including their past and current residence and co-residents. If the person has any fraud cases, the report will state the penalties and year of his crime. Most of all, NumLooker shows the accurate and updated background information of people as compared to other reverse lookup services.
The terms of services of NumLooker plainly explain to people that the given background information cannot be used anywhere to screen people. NumLooker already warns the user that it will suspend the account in case he breaches the terms and conditions.

Use Spy App to Track a Cell Phone

Despite finding someone with the help of a lookup service, you can also opt for a tracking application that delivers out-class tracking information. Spyic is a phone monitoring app that tracks the target Android or track an iPhone device without letting the target person know.

It has various key features that track every activity of the target person secretly and shows the traced data on the user's dashboard. Spyic has an easy-to-use control panel that can be operated by anyone. The application traces the location of the target person based on GPS and WiFi.

Moreover, it has a geofencing feature that offers you to draw boundaries across specific places. So, whenever the target person crosses that prohibited place, the dashboard shows it. Text-messaging activity and call logs of the target person are also monitored. All incoming and outgoing calls and messages are shown to the user.

The WhatsApp and Snapchat trackers of Spyic show all the messages along with time-stamps, photos, videos, and deleted messages on the control panel. With the keylogging feature of Spyic, you can almost gain control of the target's passwords and secret messages. Whatever he will type on his phone, you will be watching it on your Spyic dashboard.

Google Maps and Apple Maps

Google Maps and Apple Maps are the leading built-in features in every Android and iOS device, respectively. This feature allows you to explore unknown locations by providing the exact map of the place with an accurate depiction of roads and streets. With Google and Apple Maps, you can nearly discover any new place by just entering the name of your destination.

The most beneficial part is that the maps are easy to use for everybody. With the target person’s GPS location, you can track him by the “Location Sharing Function” option. Moreover, you can track more than one location at a time. Google Maps and Apple Maps show higher accuracy as they don't have any small errors in their features.

The only drawback of Google and Apple Maps is that they require a steady internet connection. Without the internet, you cannot use maps at all.

The Bottom Line

The article explains a way to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. You can do this with NumLooker. All you need is your target's accurate phone number. However, Spyic is another phone tracking software that needs to be installed on the target's smartphone. After this, you can spy on his messages, social media activity, and location.

Google and Apple maps are another way that works as a friend locator without them knowing. Anyone consuming the information will surely understand how to track a cell phone location without them knowing.