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What Is Reverse Email Lookup?

Maintaining one or more email addresses for personal and professional purposes, you must have encountered the challenge of getting countless unsolicited mails now and then. The surge of unsolicited emails often makes it difficult to keep your inbox clean. Sometimes you just mark it 'read' even without reading just to make tracking a new mail easier.

However, have you ever considered that in doing so, you might miss an important email? How to determine which mail needs to be taken more seriously and deserves an immediate reply? How to ascertain if the sander is genuine? Reverse email lookup is one way to identify who is behind an unsolicited email in your inbox and their intentions.

Finding a person by email search can be challenging as, unlike a phone number, an email address doesn't have an area code. One can create an email account from anywhere, any time, without leaving a trail of verifiable information.

Thus, reverse email lookup services online are extremely helpful. NumLooker’s reverse email lookup helps find the details of an email account from a vast database and saves you the trouble of dealing with unidentified emails.

What Can You Do With an Email Lookup?

People use email addresses for multiple purposes other than sending an email: for social media accounts, railway/ air ticket booking, online shopping, registering a website, and several different purposes. An email address is an identifier of a person in the digital world, just as a phone number is in the physical world.

So if an email from an unidentified email address hits your mailbox, you can use it to track the sender. Here are the number of purposes served by email lookups:

  • Verify Someone's Identity You Met on an Online Dating Site

    You met someone interesting on a dating site or through social media. You want to know them better, but all you have got is their email address? So, do you throw away the chance of a potential date or friendship? Not necessarily, if you can perform an email address lookup and verify if they are the person they are claiming to be.

  • Determine Whether an Email Is a Scam or Not

    Now and then, our email inbox gets full of lucrative offers. How do you know if these offers are legit or a trap? You can conduct a quick reverse email search and save yourself the trouble of getting into a scam.

  • Reconnect with Someone from Your Past

    You can use email address lookup for online and fish out the contact details of a friend or an old acquaintance you have lost touch with. If you only had their email address, you would never really lose contact with people in today's digital world.

  • Check on Online Sellers or Buyers

    With so many sellers buzzing on the internet today, online shoppers can have a hard time determining which is an authentic online shopping site. Similarly, sellers out there meeting buyers online need a foolproof way to authenticate their identity. Email lookups can help in judging the authenticity of a seller or a buyer.

  • Find Associate Information

    Reverse email lookups help you find other information about the user apart from name and contact details. For example, you can find their social media profiles, related people (family, friends, other contacts), physical addresses, aliases, and associate information with email lookup.

What Kind of Information Can I Get from an Email Search?

The Owner's Name

Reverse email lookup gives you details about the owner. For example, you get their real name, aliases, and their age.

Address Information

An email search can help you track where the person lives. You can track their latest address, previous addresses, and classified information on property owned by the user of the target email address.

Phone Numbers

Alongside addresses, you also get the most important and handy contact information on a person - their phone number/s.

Social Media Profiles

Email addresses are often used to create social media accounts. So, if the user maintains social media profiles with the target, you can quickly identify all their profiles with reverse email lookup.

Criminal Records

A reverse email search will provide you with classified information on all the activities if the user of the target email address has any criminal records.

Possible Relatives and Neighbors' Names

Performing an email search not just leads you to essential contact information of the owner, it also directs you to a lot of related details of the user's possible contacts, family members/ relatives, friends and neighbors' names.

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How to do a Reverse Email Lookup Via NumLooker?

NumLooker is one of the most authentic reverse email lookup tools online. Conduct email lookup on NumLooker following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the email lookup page of NumLooker.

  • Step 2: Type the target email in the search bar. Click on ‘search’ and wait for the results.

  • Step 3: Choose the correct one from all the results and view the report.

Other Methods for Conducting a Free Reverse Email Lookup

Perform a Google Search

The easiest and most straightforward way to conduct a free email address search is through Google search. All you need to do is enter the target email address in the search bar and click search. Though simple, the method isn't foolproof as you can track the user only if the target email address is tied with the user's social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

Search Through Social Media Platforms

You can conduct a free reverse email lookup on the top social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Suppose the target email address belongs to a person maintaining a profile on either of these platforms.

In that case, you can find more information about them, like name, contact details, some pictures, even if the account is locked for non-friends or non-users of the platform. This method may prove ineffective if the person hasn't tied their email address to their account or if the privacy settings do not allow 'search by email address.'

Research the Domain Name on the Email Address

You can also find someone by email for free by looking up their domain name. For instance, if the target email address is [email protected], the domain name could be Searching by domain name helps to find the host.

Why Should You Use Our Email Lookup Service?

The reasons why you should use the NumLooker email lookup service are many:

  1. Online reverse email lookup services are more reliable and foolproof than other methods like Google search or social media searches.
  2. The process is easy, and the steps mentioned above are authentic.
  3. It takes only a few minutes to process the necessary information.
  4. NumLooker has a vast database for an authentic email search.
  5. NumLooker email lookups keep your identity safe; the owner of the target email address will not know you conducted the email search.

What Are People Saying About NumLooker?

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I am a professional photographer and used NumLooker’s reverse email lookup to locate companies who were using my work. Thanks to NumLooker, now I can make them stop or pay for using my work.

- Joseph R., Pasadena, CA

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I used this service to verify the identity of a potential date site match and then made a move. I highly recommend using this reverse email lookup service to avoid getting involved with the wrong person.

- Phoebe W. Riverside, CA

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I met an online seller on an e-commerce site quoting unrealistic low prices on used furniture. I verified their identity through email search and discovered that the seller has got bad reviews on selling stuff unfit for use. All thanks to NumLooker.

- Chester M., Austin, TX

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I was getting repeated emails from an unidentified email address. The person claimed to be a batchmate named Jerry McMahon from college. I grew suspicious and ran an email search and discovered they were someone else. I suggest running an email check and avoid getting scammed by people with a fake identity.

- Raina B., San Jose, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data?

Our database comprises information from various offline and off-public web sources. The sources include private databases, government records, data brokers, telephone services, etc.

Is it legal to conduct an email lookup?

It is legit to perform an email search. However, using classified information to harass that person can have serious legal consequences depending on the law of the land.

I want my information removed from NumLooker. What should I do?

If you wish to remove your information from the NumLooker database, contact our customer support system. We will respect your right to withhold your personal information.

Do privacy protection laws affect email lookup?

Reverse email lookup is legal as long as you do not use personal information to harass someone. However, in that case, there can be legal complications. For instance, the Fair Credit Report Act of the US supervises reverse email searches.

What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

The CAN-SPAM law regulates commercial emails. It sets the laws supervising email marketing strategies. Businesses not abiding by these legal provisions are subject to a fine.

Start Your Email Lookup Now!

Most of the emails in your inbox must be harmless, but the cause of significant concern is those one or two that will immediately harm your system. Therefore, it is essential to track the source of the unsolicited emails you receive, so get started with a email address search service like NumLooker today!