Do's and Don'ts

NumLooker can be a very helpful tool when its reports are used for good intentions. It helps to make people comfortable and uneasy receiving calls from unknown phone numbers. Yet, a few things are not allowed, such as using another person's ID for malicious intent. It is important to note that our databases’ data hasn’t been collected wholly or partly to furnish consumer reports.

Here are the considerations to put in mind when doing a reverse phone lookup with NumLooker:

  • Check Out Yourself

    One of the actions you can perform on the platform is researching yourself. You can search your phone number with NumLooker to find out the kind of public information available and if the data is accurate or, some records need amendments.

  • Find Family Members

    It could be you drifted apart with one of your relatives and want to reunite. NumLooker allows you to do a search and get a detailed report on unknown phone numbers. That way, you can reconnect with your family members from anywhere.

  • Do a Background Check on Your Roommate

    When moving in with a roommate, for example, one might become skeptical about sharing their residences with peculiar people when joining college or university. It is permitted to rely on NumLooker to do a background check with only their phone number.

  • Research Your Neighbors

    Did you recently move into another neighborhood, or did someone else move in closer to your home? If you have their phone number, it is effortless to use NumLooker to check out who they are and know whether they are good people.

  • Verification of Online Buyers and Sellers

    Shopping and selling items online come with a few drawbacks, especially when verifying if they are legit. You can use NumLooker to search phone numbers belonging to e-Commerce traders to avoid being scammed or getting into illegal deals.

  • Learn More About your Online Date

    People looking for love from online sites or social media face the challenge of verifying and getting to know the other party better. NumLooker can help you get a scope of your date to avoid getting in the way of online predators.

  • Discover Someone's Current Address

    Do you have someone that you want to surprise during an occasion? Well, NumLooker lets you search and know their home address through their phone number. Simply find out their location of residence and make them feel the love when you show up or send a gift.

  • Tenant Screening

    This prohibition applies to both residential and commercial space leasing. Property owners and landlords should not use NumLooker to assign or terminate selling, leasing, renting, and retaining residential or commercial spaces.

  • Employment Screening, including HouseHold Workers

    Employers are not permitted to use NumLooker to evaluate job seekers or promote, retain and reassign their workers. The same applies to domestic workers and other home aids like babysitters, nannies, and more.

  • License Eligibility

    NumLooker is not for screening people's medical or government licenses for offering services. Patients looking for medical services are also prohibited from using the platform to look up their potential doctor's records.

  • Business Transactions that a Customer Proposes

    When getting into a business dealing with other persons', you are not allowed to rely on the NumLooker database to analyze their personal customer account to determine whether it meets the account terms.

  • Credit or Insurance

    Insurance companies are restricted from using NumLooker for health insurance underwriting. Also, you can't assess an individual's risk of their existing credit obligation or check out whether they are eligible for credit or insurance issuance.

Disclaimer: NumLooker’s mission is to give people easy and affordable access to public record information, but NumLooker does not provide private investigator services or consumer reports, and is not a consumer reporting agency per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You may not use our site or service or the information provided to make decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. For more information governing permitted and prohibited uses, please review our "Do's & Don'ts" and Terms & Conditions.

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