10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup by Name

Many people in the world use lookup services for a variety of reasons. However, it is not an easy task to locate the best lookup tool for your needs. Users around the world are involved in business ventures or real estate deals after assessing a person. So these are the times when you need to do a complete background check.

In such scenarios, reverse phone lookup tools are best to get your hands done. Several lookup tools are offering wonderful features, whereas some charge a little amount to pay.

In this article, we will list 10 best reverse phone lookups in detail.

  1. Numlooker
  2. CocoFinder
  3. PeopleFinderFree
  4. FindPeopleFast
  5. TruthFinder
  6. Instant Checkmate
  7. Intelius
  8. TruePeopleSearch
  9. SpyDialer
  10. ZabaSearch


The best reverse phone lookup tool - NumLooker assists you in searching for people from their database. You can do a reverse phone lookup if you have the name of your target, then the NumLooker will look for several public records and digital footprints to provide quality and valid results.

It uses a vast database of data-matching technology to find information against the name. Information includes personal details, addresses, friends and family, email addresses, and social media profiles.

The tool is dedicated to providing quick and valid results with so many public records. It has a user-friendly interface, so you don't have to be tech-savvy for it. However, NumLooker has many up-to-date features that you might have to pay a small fee.

NumLooker is legit to use as it provides no security issues in accessing the information. Hence it is a great option to find family members or friends from your past without any worries.


If you are looking for how to find someones name by phone number,CocoFinder is a phone lookup site that checks the details and identity of a person. This includes the complete name of the targeted person, financial status, date of birth, and age. It also shows the background, like his court proceedings, court records, and criminal records.

The tool is the most popular service for a phone number lookup without any registration or fees. All you need to do is simply enter the name or phone number, and the rest of the work will be done by the tool itself.

CocoFinder is an advanced tool that tells you about the person's history through their phone number. It has a clear and straightforward interface which makes it easy for you to search for people.

A complete genuine and reliable service that is integrated with numerous public records from official sources. Since the information is accurate, CocoFinder is the perfect tool to choose it on its alternatives.


This phone lookup tool retrieves the critical background information of a person. PeopleFinderFree provides any professional, personal, or financial details of an individual that you are looking for. It has access to billions of public and semi-public database records. The users enter the person's name or location to start the lookup search.

PeopleFinderFree offers flexible search options, including searching anyone by phone number or address. Additionally, this search engine will help to find public records to take a quick look at an individual's history.

It is a reverse phone lookup site that lets you gain access to someone's personal information. This information includes personal details, educational or employment background, criminal history, and much more at your comfort.

Putting effort into the tool's interface will return all the related information related to the targeted person. That is why millions of users have placed their trust in PeopleFinderFree's authentic service.


FindPeopleFast is a reverse phone lookup with a name that provides in-depth details of a person, as well as their photos, past records, criminal holdings, or relatives, etc. The tool is dedicated to bringing authentic and accurate information to the users. The search by name looks for all the relevant data and provides it to the users instantly.

It uses an advanced system of algorithms to verify the identity of the people that you are looking for. You will be able to get helpful results within minutes. Moreover, FindPeopleFast gives you an individual's information at no cost or hidden charges. So you can enjoy searches without any fear of getting caught by the person who is being searched.

Similar to many reverse phone lookup services, FindPeopleFast is wholly safe, which won't put the users in any sort of legal trouble. It stands out with the wide range of features to search the targeted individuals.


TruthFinder finds the details of the targeted person by name, phone number, or address. It is connected with many national or international databases and public search engines. That is why it is able to provide vast and accurate data and information.

This phone lookup has a search by name option, which requires the name of the person to give you all identity information in no time. The information includes full name, age, address, history, and education. Moreover, if the targeted person has any business, this lookup tool displays all the related details about it.

With TruthFinder's reverse phone lookup feature, you are able to find out the full identity of the person as well as its employment history and financial loans details.

Instant Checkmate

A reverse phone lookup -Instant Checkmate collects the person's personal information, including name, phone number, or address. It shows the accurate data of the target, such as identity, age, name, location, address, etc. In case a person has major relatives, the tool also includes them in the information.

Instant Checkmate is valuable for those who want to get in contact with their long-lost friend or family member. It simply pulls out the name, phone number, or mailing address from public records, providing you several paths for connection.

Further, the reverse lookup tool gathers the social media profiles against your search and displays you. You might also get their business details. Instant Checkmate aggregates a wide range of public data and gives accurate results.


The unique features of Intelius stand out in lookup services that offer a unique background search from different databases. It enables the users to run background checks to get personal information, address, phone number, history, criminal records, or more. All the data is linked with dozens of public sources, including federal or local government agencies.

Intelius offers accurate reports with detailed basic information. Its background check will return you with the person's legal and personal history, such as arrest records, marriage, divorce history, or court records. The tool has an attractive layout with reasonable subscription prices.

This lookup service returns 100% accurate data, produces compelling and comprehensive reports on any person that you are searching for.


TruePeopleSearch lets you find people by just entering the name, giving you the best search options. It is dedicated to providing you with results with validity. The tool has billions of records from where you can get the targeted person's history, phone numbers, email addresses, or criminal records.

You will get a detailed report against your search within a few minutes. However, it does not require any charges to access the user report. The website provides you with information about social media platforms with accuracy.

You can use TruePeopleSearch for finding criminal history, level of education, email address, business or job details, etc. Regardless of the reason that you can use this tool to get information, it is the best way to approach anyone's details ethically.


A  phone number search tool- SpyDialer is a web-based service that can be used to lookup contact and personal information. It gives you access to know about your target person by entering their name. All the information is gathered from the publically available data.

SpyDialer is a lookup service that lets you do searches without any fees. It is useful for your personal or business purposes when you want to know about someone's various details.

Even it ensures that any of your search queries are confidential and anonymous, thus guaranteeing that the targeted person is unaware. However, the tool enjoys a vast user base with ads and click baits, which is quite annoying sometimes.


ZabaSearch is a great reverse lookup service that focuses on finding someone with names, phone numbers, or addresses. All of the details gathered by the tool is publically available, which means it has been collected by several sources.

The tool generates a comprehensive report containing the targeted individual's complete information. It provides the name, address, history, age, phone number, relatives, and other related information. You will also get to know about the target's social media accounts and employment history.

The advanced people search gives you the background of the target by accessing name, phone number, or address. Moreover, if a person has any criminal record or court proceedings, the lookup tool may show it.


The article has concluded the discussion on reverse phone lookup tools, which are made exactly for your requirements. Such lookup tools have made easy access to someone's information, including history, address, criminal record, etc. Surprisingly, you can get all the details while staying anonymous.

If you have the slightest doubt about anyone, get the suitable reverse phone number lookup tool to get confirmation.

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