How to Track Your Phone Using IMEI Number

There are times when you need to know your phone’s IMEI number the most. You might have lost your phone on your way from the office or simply put it somewhere in the house and forget about the place. Another scenario can be the worst one when your phone has been stolen by a thief. It would be hard for you to tackle such a situation.

But you can still try your best to locate your phone by taking help from technology and the police. There is a solution that can help you search mobile by IMEI number. The article discusses the importance of IMEI and different ways to track a phone by an IMEI tracker.

In the article, we will discuss major aspects of the IMEI tracker covered below:

What is An IMEI Number?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit serial number for every mobile device in the world. This number is responsible for the differentiation in the identity of every mobile phone. All of the IMEI numbers are stored in a database called the EIR (Equipment Identity Register).

The EIR is responsible for monitoring every call, SMS, or activity carried on a phone authorized to use any network. It means that if you can make a call or deliver messages, your phone is registered on the EIR, having a unique IMEI number.

A standard IMEI number is a 14 digit string with an additional 15th string that confirms the entire series. The IMEI number of any phone device reveals the information, including the year of release, specifications, brand, and model of the phone.

The significance of an IMEI number is its ability to track down stolen or lost phones. For example: If your phone has been lost or stolen, you can report the incident to your mobile operator, who will block the phone through its IMEI number. Moreover, the police department can also track down the location of the target phone by tracking the IMEI location.

Moreover, the device would get blacklisted, which means that the thief will not be able to exchange the phone with money. The company always checks the IMEI to check if the phone has been reported lost or stolen.

How Does It Work?

IMEI has great importance in identifying different phone devices and performs authentication. It also holds administrative privileges that control mobile phones.

The IMEI number is a lifetime associated with the phone, and it is very hard to alter without accessing the generic manufacturing code. This is the reason phone operators have combined the IMEI number with signal transmitters. It keeps a constant link between the target phone and the satellite that conducts IMEI tracking.

The device dynamically keeps sending data packages to the phone operator via the signal tower, which is connected to the server of the operator and earth-orbiting satellites. This is how the data is exchanged for the satellites to accomplish triangulation and trilateration operations to locate the device on the world's map.

The whole IMEI tracking process is dependent on the method where the target device transmits data such as reception time and transmission speed. Hence, the satellite does the calculation to find out the phone's position on the global map.

How to Find an IMEI Number?

IMEI number can be easily found on your mobile phone. Following are some ways that can be utilized to find the IMEI number of your device:

  • Check the Phone’s IMEI Number Using USSD Code

    The simplest method to check the IMEI number is through the USSD code. It is a universal method that works on every phone containing any feature.

  • Step 1: You have to dial *#06# on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Now, the IMEI number will be shown on the screen. Note it down somewhere, or you can take a screenshot to keep it recovered.
  • Check the IMEI Number via Settings

    On an Android phone, go to “Settings” > “About” > ”IMEI” and note the IMEI number. Click on ”Status” and go down to observe the IMEI details.

    Similarly, on an iPhone device, go to the ”Settings” > ”General” > ”About” and see the available IMEI information.

  • Observe the Phone's IMEI Number on the Retail Box or Bill

    In case you have lost your phone, you can check the IMEI number written on the retail box or bill. This is why one should not throw the box and keep it safe, as it will be useful for checking the IMEI later. The IMEI number is printed on the sticker inside the box.

  • Check the Back Cover and the Battery

    Nowadays, most phones are unibody, so their batteries are not removable. If this is not the case, you need to go inside the phone, i.e., check the back cover and see the backside of the battery. Some brands have a small label on the SIM socket where the IMEI is written. So, it can be helpful to first check the phone properly.

  • What If You No Longer Have the Phone?

    The difficult part is to locate the IMEI when you have lost your phone. However, with the below methods, you can locate the code:

    In Android, at the left column of the Google control page, there is information of all the accounts you signed in with on the page. Click the device you want the IMEI of, and select the information button on the right side of its name. Later, an information window will be opened where you can see the IMEI number of your device.

    On the iPhone, the method is quite similar. Go to and log in through the account you used on your phone. On the iCloud website, click on the “Settings“ button, enter the settings and locate the IMEI number of your iPhone.

How to Locate Your Cell Phone Using IMEI?

The IMEI serves as a help to locate stolen or lost phones of people. Here are some efficient ways to locate your cell phone using IMEI.

Contacting the Police
Filing a complaint about your lost or stolen phone is a wise step. After all, it was an asset of yours and probably contained confidential data. Your local police can find the location of your mobile phone via its IMEI. The law enforcement agencies are capable of finding your stuff and can also penalize the thief.
Asking the Cell Phone Provider
One of the easiest ways to find your device is to contact your cell phone provider/manufacturer. They have maintained and safe databases where the data of manufactured devices are stored. After you provide your IMEI to them, they will start searching your cellular phone.
By Using Any IMEI Tracking Applications
IMEI tracking applications are an easy way to find the lost phone. These devices require access to the target device and catch their past and current locations. However, they don't require physical access to be installed on a target device.
These applications utilize the IMEI number to track the real-time location of the phone. This method is effective, but the application must be installed on the phone before it gets stolen or lost.

Other Alternatives to Find Your Lost Phone

Besides manually tracking your lost device with IMEI, you can utilize other ways if you don't have IMEI of your device. Following are the alternative methods to detect your lost phone:

Track your Android Phone With a Third-Party App
With the help of a third-party application, you can find your lost phone effortlessly. Spyic is a phone tracking application that tracks the real-time location of the target device and displays the movement on the user's dashboard. Spyic provides past and current GPS and WiFi-based locations.
Track your Android Phone With your Google account
Go to the web browser and type "Find my Android." The first search result will be a map showing the last tracked location of your phone. If you doubt that your phone is somewhere around, turn your phone's ringer on from Google's Find my Android page.
Track your Android Phone Through your Phone Manufacturer
If you don't have a Google account, you can still find your phone through the default settings of your phone. If you have a Samsung phone, it has a setting called "Find My Mobile." If the settings are on, you can easily track through their application.
Track your Android Phone Through your Wireless Carrier
Major wireless carriers direct people to Google's find my device for locating the lost phone. If you still haven't found the missing phone, another option is to report it stolen/missing by the wireless carrier's website.

The Bottom Line

The article has given details on how to track phones using IMEI online. An IMEI number is a unique identity of every phone. If you have lost your phone, you can track IMEI via USSD code, settings, phone battery's backside, and the retail box.

You can also track phone using IMEI by contacting the police, asking the cell phone manufacturer, and phone tracker by IMEI number. In conclusion, people will get maximum information about this matter from the article.

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